Thursday, March 22, 2018

3015. A 9-year-old female Samoyed cried when carried and had a right hind leg limp when walking.

Case TP 40329

14.12.17  painful hip on palpation. Complaint of pain when carried. 

Chest pain. Lung nodules seen.

22.3.18. Follow up.
Owner gave her own medication schedule of every 10 days to avoid kidney damage.    

After X-rays, Rimadyl 75mg was prescribed at 4 days on, 8 days off.
The dog was much better as there was no limp when walking.
"She cried when carried. This was due to the hip problem, I said..

No pain when on my schdedule.

However, owner gave 1 tablet 70mg Rimadyl every 10 days to avoid kidney failure. .
"Still limping on Right Hind when walking but she never cried," the lady explained.

I advised her to give 4 days on, 10 days off so as to let her have no limp in her walk. A better quality of life. Monitor side effects on kidneys by 6-12monthly blood test. This case study shows that follow up is important.

Blood test on Dec 14, 2017          
Urea 12 (4.2-6.3)      
Creatiniine 117 (89-177). No kidney failure when first consulted in Dec 2017. To take a blood test in June - Dec 2018.                                         

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