Wednesday, February 14, 2018

3361. A 5-month-old lionhead lop rabbit dislocates both hips

Chinese New Year's Eve   Feb 15, 2018

Referral by pet shop Agnes
The rabbit has right hind limb stretched 90 degrees to body. Right fore limb also stretched out.
Palpation. Very painful R hip. No pain in R shoulder.
X-rays show both hips are dislocated. What to do?

Ehmer sling generally ineffective for RH hip dislocation as the dislocation is too long
Femoral head osteotomy may be possible but the right shoulder sprain is present and may be dislocated after surgery of the RH hip.  Owner to wait 2 weeks. Confined. No slippery floor. 

The rabbit was lame on right hind limb for a month."A very gentle rabbit," the lady owner told me as she had 5 other rabbits with not no gentle dispositions. "Is he the only one permitted to jump down from the bed?" I asked. "Yes, he does jump down occasionally."

"One mis-step will cause hip dislocation," I said. The owner agreed

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