Wednesday, January 3, 2018

3333. INTERN. VIDEO PRODUCTION. Anorexia in 3 red-eared sliders in Jan 2018.

Singapore in 2018
Most people live in apartments. Condos with facilities. HDB apartments (some images from  Red-eared sliders do not have access to soil to lay eggs.

Case 1
Family kept 2 red-eared sliders of similar age. One male. This one is female.

X-ray evidence
7 well-forned eggs in the uterus. Anorexia may be due to infection or difficulty in laying eggs.

Critical care, antibiotics and anti-inflammatory by mouth given.... days at Toa Payoh V.

Oxytocin and Calcium gluconate injections SC on Jan 3, 2018
Water 24 hours. No eggs laid. Excellent appetite

Oxytocin and Calcium gluconate injections IM on Jan 4, 2018
Water 24 hours. No eggs laid. Excellent appetite.

Jan 6, 2018. Sent home. Eating but no eggs laid despite 2 injections of Calcium and Oxytocin (record dosage IM and SC. .

  Went home. We had cases of sliders laying eggs after the above-mentioned injections. Some do not as in this case.

Owner sent an image of the female and male housed in their tank. Big stones for basking.

Generalised claw wounds from male slider. Image shows two sliders, female and male from Case 1.  You can see the long sharp claws of the male.

A pair transferred to a pond. The owner discovered multiple mucoid wounds in the head and body and legs of the female and brought her to Toa Payoh Vets. When they were inside a tank, the male did not injured the female. 

Daily cleaning of body wounds and syringe feeding of  Critical Care food and medicine

Not eating
Swollen eyelids and shell rot
Complaint is swollen eyelids

Intern to place relevant images of the female and male sliders with relevant captions in the appropriate case study.

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