Friday, December 29, 2017

3330. God of Fortune

Dec 30, 2017

I spoke to my 2 assistants today about work process and saving up for their old age.
One assistant is single. The other sends almost all her salary to support her nieces and nephews as she has no children and just got married recently.

"In Chinese beliefs, the people pray to the God of Fortune for money" I said to the married assistant. "In your religion, there is no such God. But you are the real God of Fortune."

I continued, "You send money to your nephews and nieces to support them. So, you are stressed out having to earn more and more each year and have no savings. Then, more children are born. You have to support more and money. When you are old, you have no savings and they don't care two hoots about you as they enjoy their lives!"

"My sister will give birth next year," she said. Another mouth to support. There is no end to the sister giving birth to more children as the Singapore "aunty" remits money.

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