Tuesday, December 19, 2017

3217. Toxic relationships are hard to severe

Dec 20, 2017

It is easy for me to advise a friend to severe toxic relationships.

The divorcee and single mother may wish to revive the toxic relationship although the man had told her bluntly and honestly that he preferred the other woman and has children by her.  She wanted a husband as she was past 45. She met this man in an online dating website.

Yet this man still kept messaging her after telling her she was not his priority in a long-term relationship. He had someone and had teenaged children to take care.

I advised letting go. She did not block his messages. Then she phoned him. He did not pick up the phone but texted to her that he is with the other woman. This text finally convinced her that there was no point in continuing this toxic relationship anymore.

I sent her the image below and hope she would let go.

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