Monday, December 18, 2017

3214. A 13-year-old cat is still going strong

Dec 19, 2017

TP 44197

This domestic short-haired male, neutered cat, born  2005 is now 13 years old. The owner loves him very much but has scarcely any time for himself, being in the software development industry.

In Feb 2013, he brought the cat to Vet 1 who advised "wait and see.". Vet 2 said she does not perform bladder stone surgery. His friend, a young vet working in Biopolis referred him to me.

A calcium oxalate & magnesium bladder stone was removed by me.  The cat survived the surgery and the busy owner did not come to see me.

"I come to buy feline k/D because I am in the Toa Payoh area," he usually go nearest vet to buy the feline prescription diet C/D. There are over 80 vet clinics and he should have a big supply.
"How is your enterprise now? Has it gone into IPO (Initial Public Offering?)," I asked him today.
"No, not yet," he came to buy feline K/D.

In Nov 17, 2017, he consulted me. His cat was overweight, ate and drank a lot. Blood test showed high creatinine of 200 (71-160) while blood urea was normal at 9.1 (7.2 to 10.8).

He did not want X-rays to check for kidney stones nor urinalysis. No yearly urine check up.  So this history taking will be most important.

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