Thursday, December 14, 2017

3209. A 10-year-old Samoyed has occasional pain and "front limb" lameness

1. General examination - walk, trot, run
2. Detailed examination 
- palpation for limb swelling and manipulation of joints for pain.
    Extension, flexion, abduction, adduction
- manipulation of the spinal area for pain

Findings. Slight lameness on right hind limb, not bearing weight, tilt more to left hind limb when trotted (see video).  Slight pain on right hip joint and on thoracic-lumbar spinal area. 

3. X-raysNodules in the lungs suggestive of lung tumours
Osteophytes in right femoral necks suggestive of osteoarthritis

Wheezing - Heart is normal. Lung nodules and forced medication (sore throat)

"Can you remember his brother?" the lady asked me.
"I cannot remember," I said as there are many Samoyed treated during the years.

However, this was a memorable case. The brother Samoyed died at 5 years of age from recurring fever one year after my successful treatment of high fever earlier.

The first fever was tick fever. It is possible that the recurrence of fever was due to tick fever again.
The first vet could not bring the fever down for the first few days. So the owner consulted me. I got the dog clipped bald and gave anti-fever injectons, IV drip and anti-tick medication and antibiotics. The fever  subsided and the dog was back to normal.

 The owner brought it to the nearby vet and later to me. The dog died despite treatment.

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