Monday, December 4, 2017

3203. Narrative* A 31-month-old Siamese cat fell from the 2nd floor - distal 1/3 femoral fracture of leg leg

Forgot to close windows.

Another cat chased her. She fell from the bathroom window from 2nd floor on Dec 1, 2017. Vet 1 referred to specialist quoted $6,000 for surgery.

Wire netting of windows instead of closing windows advised.

Educational video shows how to conduct a physical examination of the cat's fractured leg.



Post op on Dec  5, 2017    Pin and cast as the fracture is too close to the femoral head and cannot be stabilised just by pining. Pin protrudes out of femoral head to provide stability and this does not affect knee flexion and extension. Pin removed in 8 weeks.
1. E-collar 8 weeks as cat tends to lick cast and wet it or bite it off.
2. Cast must be kept dry. Is protected by bandages.
3. Review 2 weekly
4. If paw is swollen, see vet immediately 
5. Cast removed in 6 weeks ideally

Cat has recovered from fractured left hind, distal 1/3 femoral neck. But cannot lay down on the left hip area as before.

Yesterday 10 am, gave birth to 3 Bengal X kittens. 2 were stuck and the owners did not know what to do. Came for check up of left eye tearing for past 4 weeks on and off.
No corneal ulcers from fluorescein stain test. 
Mother cat had a 1 cm scratch wound from male Bengal cat during mating. Still not healed fully.
Has maternal instinct to take care of this sole survivor.

Video done today.

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