Thursday, November 16, 2017

3191. A 21-month-old dwarf hamster has a large neck lump - email query about surgery

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29/10/2017, 18:55 - Hamster query la: Hi there
29/10/2017, 18:56 - Hamster query la: There seems to be a growth near my hamster’s neck. She’s been struggling to drink water recently. Do you have an available appt on Tuesday 9.30am?

29/10/2017, 18:57 - Hamster query la: IMG-20171029-WA0005.jpg (file attached)

29/10/2017, 18:58 - Hamster query la: Can I check how much do you charge for consultation, lumpsectomy or euthanasia? Pebbles (my hamster) quality of life has dipped significantly and it’s v difficult to watch. So I want to know if there’s such an option
29/10/2017, 18:58 - Hamster query la: Thank your
29/10/2017, 18:58 - Hamster query la: *you!

29/10/2017, 20:31 - Sing Kong Yuen: Thank you for msg. Consult $40. Lumpectomy around $200 as tumour is large.  Euthanasia $60

30/10/2017, 03:09 - Hamster query la: Ok. Can I make an appointment on Tuesday 930am? Typically what is the success rate of lumpectomy surgeries? My hamster is about 1y9months now

30/10/2017, 05:57 - Sing Kong Yuen: Appt 9.30am  Tuesday ok
Success rate generally 100% in lumpectomy of tumours that are under the skin and not inside muscles or involve bones or joints and are less than 1 cm across. Hamster must be active and eating if he is over 2 years old.

30/10/2017, 06:07 - Hamster query la: Ok. Great, see you on tues. pebbles is moving fine (less than before tho) and still eating and drinking (we need to feed manually as she struggles to get to her water bottle). if we proceed with the surgery, will we be able to do it on the same day?

30/10/2017, 06:43 - Hamster query la: Sorry for asking so many questions, rlly appreciate your help and patience!
30/10/2017, 07:33 - Sing Kong Yuen: yes. on the same day

30/10/2017, 13:02 - Hamster query la: Sorry can I change the appointment to wed 0930 instead?
30/10/2017, 14:11 - Hamster query la: I was going to ask my Sister to bring pebbles over tomorrow but I’m going to fly home tomorrow instead. I’ve been in Australia for a holiday
30/10/2017, 18:51 - Sing Kong Yuen: ok

31/10/2017, 19:10 - Hamster query la: Hi we can cancel the appointment tomorrow. My hamster has passed on
31/10/2017, 19:13 - Sing Kong Yuen: ok

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