Wednesday, October 25, 2017

3165. Travel Stories. Fashion berets in Japan

Oct 25, 2017

Travel map from Fukuoka to Aso

From Tokyo, we flew to Fukuoka (1.5 million people), drove to Kumamoto whose famous castle was closed due to a 2016 earthquake. On Oct 25, we drovc from Kumamoto to Aso. 

The drive from Kumamoto to Aso was countryside with clean air, tall Christmas trees whose trunks are used as I saw logs transported. Several vegetable farms seen. A pig transportation truck passed by suddenly and I quickly videoed it.

We wanted to view the volcanic crater at the Aso UNESCO Geopark. The cable car stations were closed.

 The landscape was pretty. A green hill looked very much like a green fashion beret if one has some imagination. Motorists stopped to take pictures of this hill with a crater.

Fashion berets in the Takachiho Gorge
3 young ladies seen wearing fashion berets

Fashion berets at Aso
4 ladies seen wearing fashion berets

We stayed at the Grandvrio Aso Hotel which has a golf course and is a 20-minute drive to a small village with eateries. I doubted that this rural area would have young ladies wearing fashion berets.
After all, ladies who wear fashion berets appear to be living in urban areas like Fukuoka where I saw at least 40 ladies wearing berets (pictures in another blog).

The carpark area was almost empty in this time which was dusk. Clean air. Tall Christmas trees. Stillness. Serene.  I chanted the difficult long chant for around 20 minutes at the quiet carpark area facing the trees and the crescent moon. Practice makes perfect.

When I went to the hotel lobby, 4 well-dressed young ladies were entering the lobby. 3 wore fashion berets. One of the berets had a tassle. As to the quality, one beret appeared to be more solid. Whether they were woollen ones, it is hard to tell.

It was pitch dark when we went to the car park to drive to the village for dinner as the hotel had only buffet dinner.

The village's eateries were mostly closed. We found one which was full but got a place. No more berets at this deserted village. In Europe, October is an off-peak season and so the eateries close early. This could be the case here. Suddenly, a  couple came in and the lady as wearing a beret. A beret in which she attached black satin bows and decorations on the right side. No chance of showing this side of her beret as I was sitting in the corner on her far left. A quick snap.

This short visit to south Japan shows a glimpse of ladies who wear fashion berets. Most are young. As to quality, I can only see the more solid ones appear to be better quality. I saw one young lady wearing dark green "military" type fashion beret at Louis Vuitton shop in Fukuoka. No image.

The two ladies wore fashion berets to breakfast in Happy Pancake shop in Fukuoka.
If you want to see fashion berets, go to Fukuoka and I expect Tokyo too.



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