Thursday, October 19, 2017

3157. 2-year-old Corgi had 2 mummified foetus and one small live pup

Oct 19, 2017

"Corgis are hard to breed," the breeder said. "Hence the pups are expensive, over $10,000".

Record: Mated on Aug 17, 2017. One mating only if there is a tie, the breeder said.  So, this would be 62nd day of gestation. Black vaginal discharge seen today. The breeder went to Vet 1 to scan as the dam was overdue 2 days.

He used stethoscope. "Only one pup had heart beat. Do Caesarean section fast!"

The breeder thought the dam was short of 2 days but she was overdue by 2 days. Vet 1 had never performed Caesarean before. 2 vets were on leave. 1 had resigned. So the breeder came to Toa Payoh Vets as he did not want sn inexperienced vet to do the surgery. The fees are much lower at Vet 1.

"What happened to the 6 big healthy Dachshund puppies I did Caesarean section some weeks earlier?" I asked.
"3 died," he said sadly.
2 were bitten by the dam at 2 days of age. 1 died by itself."

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