Saturday, October 21, 2017

3161. Unbelievable stories: A Samoyed barked at "deities"

Oct 20, 2017

"How is your Samoyed?" I asked the coffeeshop assistant who speaks in Cantonese, "Has she reduced weight?"

"No, no," she lamented as she carried the food dishes from the stall to the customer coming for breakfast. She was the typical aunty in her early 50s, matronly and with boyish cut in her hairstyle.
. "Dogs given the Hills' RD diet as according to the amount lose weight within 3 months," I was surprised to know that her dog was still plumpish. "Did you take your dog for walks?"

"I do everyday," she said loudly. "My dog would walk around a small area downstairs and would want to come back to the apartment. "She would not venture further."

"On the lst and 15th of the month (in Chinese calendar), my dog would bark loudly as if she sees spirits outside the area she would walk! This happens all the time! I have to quickly take her back to the apartment!"

Many believers make food offerings and pray on the lst and 15th of the month. That is part of the Chinese religion. But this dog barks on these two days.

"I have to bring her back home as her barking is so loud and would disturb the ground-floor neighbours. "In any case, she may be brave but I worry about that the deities my dog sees and so quickly take her home!"

A dog can see spirits? This is an unbelievable tale but the aunty does not joke and had been with her grandmother to visit temples since she was a little girl. So, she knows all about Chinese deities.

"Is there a deity with a dog?" I asked.
"Yes, he has 3 eyes and his dog saves people!"  I cannot remember the Cantonese name of this deity. There are many.  

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