Monday, October 9, 2017

3154. A Chow Chow was lame on Left fore and now lame on Right hind

Oct 9, 2017

X rays done by Vet 1. Dog was lame on left fore 5 days. Now the dog is lame on right hind.

"As in the racehorse, the Chow Chow bears weight on the right hind when the contralateral leg i.e. the left fore is very painful," I said. "So now the right hind is lame."

What is the cause of the left fore lameness?"  A large swelling on the wrist area. Vet 1 had X-rayed left fore (above) and prescribed meloxicam and tramdol and probiotic (dog had drunk some detergent).

Dog did not like tramadol and antibiotics.


More than a year ago, I advised entropion surgery on scarred and closed eyes. Now eyes are open and this is the first time I get to see the outcome. Owner is satisfied with the outcome. The eyes need cleaning.  

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