Sunday, September 17, 2017

3141. INTERN. A dwarf hamster has rapid breathing - respiratory infection

"Blocked nose sounds," the owner said.

 Video of sounds

The vet needs a closer physical examination as the small nostrils are less than 2 mm across. Nasal plugs removed using cotton bud. Stethoscope onto the chest revealed harsh lung sounds.

Once the blocked nostrils were cleared, and oral medications were given for the past 2 days of in-patient treatment, much less nasal sounds were heard and the hamster could breathe easier and normally.

Antibiotics orally. Inpatient 2 days to enforce cage rest. Around 50% of the appetite returns. The owner wanted the hamster home.

In this case, the respiratory infections could be caused by bite wound infections from the other male sibling. The owner saw bleeding around the top of the neck area some days ago and wiped off the blood. The sibling got bitten but did not lose appetite or become lethargic.

It is best to house male dwarf hamsters over 3 months old in separate areas as many do bite for space inside the small caged area. . 

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