Sunday, September 3, 2017

3131. A guinea pig had watery greyish stools for one week.

The guinea pig had a big operation on the left side of the shoulder area. The swelling, bigger than 3 golf balls were blood. Some blackish lumps near the lower shoulder were removed. The owner consented to a histology this time.

Histology shows benign haemangioma. The guinea pig went home after surgery 2 weeks ago. He had poor appetite in the first week. Stools were normal. The owner fed other food like vegetables. Also spray anti-mange and mite from a pet shop, onto the body filled with patches of hair loss. The guinea pig must have licked the spray causing gastroenteritis.  He eats the watery stools as well, causing more watery diarrhoea. 

Hospitalised one day. Stools back to normal as shown. Guinea pigs do eat their stool pellets to redigest the pellets, as part of their nature. Now the stool pellets are normal and so it is OK for him to eat them.

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