Tuesday, July 25, 2017

3109. A difference of veterinary opinion. A hamster has hairless backside and ear area

My opinion may differ from another vet. This hamster had a right ear wart of 4 mm across and kept scratching his ear. His left backside is bald. So, I advised ear wart removal and lateral ear canal resection.

The other vet was the opinion that ear irrigation would do and it would be cheaper. However, the owner consulted me one month after the other vet's treatment as the itchy ear had not resolved. The left ear also had hairless bump and left ear itchiness.

Anaesthesia. Both lateral ear canal resected.  The right ear wart at the entrance to the ear's vertical canal was excise3d.

A follow up 8 weeks later will be good. If the backside and ear area hairs re-grow fully, the outcome is a success.



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