Thursday, July 20, 2017

3103 A Maltese has closed pyometra for one year

Dog in distress, panting.  Vaginal discharge over one year.
Stabilised with furesemide and IV drip for 1 day before spay.

One uterine horn
is bursting with pus. Unusual case.
The other one had partial pus swelling.

The dog had heart disease which gave rise to coughing without phlegm. Heart medication was given 24 hours before surgery. Furesemide IV was given. The dog was spayed the next day and survived. She went home on Day 3 and is OK.

Do not delay spaying your female dog if she has slight vaginal discharge over the past year. This would be closed pyometra, with the cervix closed. So pus cannot discharge out normally and after one year, as in this case, the dog's right terine horn was about to rupture from overdistension with pus.. 

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