Wednesday, July 19, 2017

3101. Fashion designs

July 19, 2017

Reference: 50 Women's Fashion Icons that changed the world
Lauren Cochrane,
The Design Museum's mission is to celebrate, entertain and inform.

Helps you to wear something different

1. Debbie Harry (1945 -   )queen of downtown. Face of punk-pop band Blondie.
Her stage wear uses colour and texture to pack a punch.
Collaborate with designer Stephen Sprouse who was responsible for her asymmetric dresses.
Play with colour including the signature hot pink. Red thigh-high boots and matching red tunic. Peroxide hair and black kohl always present. Still performing. A key reference for young women who want to be a girl in a band and look the part.

2. Tina Chow. Jap mother X American father. Died of AIDS in 1992, aged 41. Lagerfield credited her with minimalism. Concentrate on designing jewellery, furniture and sculpture towards the end of her life. Her cult appeal continues. Photo shows her design -  her own bracelets (transparent plastic?),

3. Rei Kawakubo (1942 -  ). Her label, Comme des Garcons established in 1969 now at vanguard of fashion. Annual turnover 164 poungs. Dover Street Market dept stores in Tokyo, London and New York. She believes in creating a brand. Cult of her style continues apace.


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