Thursday, June 8, 2017

3085. Water bag ruptured over 12 hours. No puppy born. Will puppies still be alive?

Dachshund 3 years, 2nd litter.
lst litter 1 year ago - one pup by Caesarean section
Now, the breeder had waited over 12 hours after the water bag had burst. "I can hear very faint heart beat," he told me. "Be quick in your Caesarean section to save the puppies!"
He explained: "The dam was running around and was active."
I did not ask why he took such a long time to come for surgery as the best advice is less than 2 hours after the water bag had ruptured.

Caesarean section using only isoflurane gas anaesthesia.
2 black stained puppies covered by muddy liquid of decomposed placentas.
Both had died a long time ago.

Footage of Caesarean section.
2 dead pups. .

The dam survived the surgery and went home.

Do not wait over 2 hours after the water bag had ruptured to get an emergency
Caesarean section if you want to save the pups. Images of past C-sections, water bags and normal placentas.

Delays over 12 hours lead to dead pups and black liquid of decomposed placental cells. The normal placenta is green black (images). 

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