Thursday, May 18, 2017

3075. Egg binding in3 red-eared sliders - oxytocin inj

Most owners delay more than 1 week of egg-laying behavior to seek veterinary advices. In the following 2 cases, Case 1 was given oxytocin injection within 7 days of egg-laying behavior (leg digging floor, soil) and passed out 3 eggs.  Case 2 with 5 eggs - the owner wanted to wait and see and no eggs were laid when given oxytocin >4 weeks after exhibiting behavior.



Case 2. Egg binding. 5 eggs. No eggs laid as oxytocin injections were requested by the owner >4 weeks after egg-laying behavior. .

Case 3. Egg binding. 15 eggs not laid as oxytocin injections were given over 4 weeks after signs.

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