Monday, May 1, 2017

3072. An 8-year-old cat's annual health screening

Written by: Intern Ms Wong Shu Yu

Tammi is an 8 year old local tabby cat who came to us for her annual checkup and vaccination. While there were no significant abnormalities detected upon physical examination, it was noted that Tammi (standing at 4.6kg) is fairly overweight for her size. This puts her at risk for fatty liver disease. An examination of Tammi’s mouth also revealed signs of gingivitis and an ulcer on the upper side of her gums.

The annual vaccine was given to Tammi and blood taken for purposes of testing for liver disease. Other procedures performed included dental scaling, ear cleaning and anal sac expression. Notably, the expression of Tammi’s anal sacs produced a black-coloured substance, which indicated that the glands have not been expressed for a prolonged period of time.

Tammi’s owner was advised to switch to a weight reduction cat food formula in order to bring down Tammi’s weight to a healthier range. The results of the anal sac expression were also shown to and its significance explained to the owner. Dr Sing highlighted that the anal sacs need to be expressed regularly in order to prevent inflammation and subsequent self-injury perpetrated by the animal on the affected area due to discomfort. 

Date:                 Sunday, 30 April 2017

Attending physician:     Dr Sing Kong Yuen

Name:             Tammi
Age:                 8 years
Weight:             4.6kg
Gender:             Female
Species:             Feline
Breed:             Local tabby
Neutered/Spayed:         Spayed

Patient is here for annual vaccination and check up
Adopted from local SPCA in October 2014
Last vaccination done in November 2016
Eating and drinking normally
Urine and stools are normal
Diet of Pronature Adult Indoor Cat Dry Food; no other food or treats given

Physical Examination:
Patient is quite overweight
Some tartar seen on teeth. One canine is longer than the other
Signs of gingivitis spotted on the gums.
Patient has an ulcer on the upper side of her gums.
No tumours detected.

Patient is overweight and therefore at risk for fatty liver disease.

Procedures done:
Dental scaling: No loose teeth detected
Ear cleaning
Blood taken from jugular vein
Expression of anal sacs: black oil was expressed, indicating that the anal sacs had not been expressed for a long time.
Vaccine given.

Treatment Plan:
Explained to owner that patient is overweight and is at risk for liver disease. Advised that protein content of present diet is too high.
Explained significance of results of anal sac expression to owner. Advised that anal sacs should be expressed regularly to prevent inflammation
Recommended diet change to weight reduction formula
Drontal dewormer tablets prescribed
Blood taken will be sent to laboratory to test for liver disease


Fig 1: Top view of patient                Fig 2: Patient’s present diet

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