Friday, March 31, 2017

3064. A 6-year-old female Schnauzer dripped brownish red vaginal discharge

Apr 1, 2017

Not eating much for 20 days. Vomited 1-2X in 20 days. Lethargic.
Last heat was end of February. First consult is March 31, 2017.
Closed pyometra suspected. X-ray and blood test.

Drips of sticky brownish red vaginal discharge seen during X-ray
Blood test showed septicaemia (high total WCC, neutrophils and low platelets).
Just 6 years old, female Miniature Schnauzer. Bites.

X-rays show the characteristic swollen uterine horn (sausage shaped) and in real life, the uterine horns are much swollen and wrinkled.  Heart failed during surgery but was revived.  

Blood test  Mar 31, 2017

Urea 18.7  (4.2-6.3)
Creatinine 72  (89-177)
Total white cell count 42  (12-18)
Neutrophils  97.5% (60-70%),  Abs  41  (3-11.5)
Platelets  46   (200-500)

A septic blood. 

FOLLOW UP 5 days post-op on Apr 5, 2017
Eats and drinks little
On antibiotics and NSAID Rimadyl.

Such severe sepsis may lead to death post-op as the blood is full of bacteria and toxins.
The owner had delayed 20 days of the dog having poor appetite before seeking vet advice.
It is a miracle that she survived the anaesthesia. Post-op survival is not guaranteed. If the dog eats more every day, chances of survival are good as the kidneys are not affected.  

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