Saturday, March 25, 2017

3055. Inspirational images from travel

Mar 25, 2017

"Should I study to be a vet?" the working lady said she ought to be pragmatic as the veterinary field may be overcrowded, just like the many lawyers who are unemployed. Some offer to work for free work in the small legal firms. Too many vets in Singapore 6 years' time.

"There are over 80 vet practices in small animals," I estimated. "So, there is a boom for employee vets! Some proprietors want to relax and manage vets. Many lady vets want to work part-time and not do night calls. Some marry and leave the profession. There are other specialities like pharmaceutical, research and demand  overseas like Myanmar.  So I do not foresee joblessness for new graduates.

If she has the funding, she is already so fortunate. Most people so not have money to study overseas. Yet she is unsure of prospects as she is earning a high salary.

Nobody can decide for her.

More than 60 years old and this Yangon
man has been at the roadside selling petrol and diesel to motor-bike owners mainly. Nowadays, modern and fanciful petrol stations take over many clients. He can fight only on lower pricing.
He has to suck in some petrol from the container into a tube. Gravity then suck some petrol into a jar which he uses to pour some petrol into the bike. Not a healthy way to earn a living sitting from 5 am to 5 pm next to a dusty busy road and sucking petrol. He cycles home at the end of the day.

Compare to this more mature working Singapore lady whose worry is whether she will be jobless after studying veterinary medicine, a profession most young Singapore girls will not hesitate if offered an opportunity.    

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