Friday, March 10, 2017

3045. An 18-year-old red-eared slider had swollen eyes, breathing difficulty and white gums and tongues

Mar 7, 2016

"The other vet rejected me as he does not treat turtles," the man in his 50s had to look for another vet who treats turtles.
"How do you know Toa Payoh Vets treat turtles?" I asked.
"My son surfed the net and found your surgery."

So, here was a gasping red-eared slider. Every minute, he would open his mouth wide, tilt his head up to breathe in air.

"His tongue and gums are white," I showed the owner. "He has much fewer red blood cells or such cells do not have sufficient haemoglobin. Hence your slider is open-mouth breathing."

"He looks like he cannot survive," the man said.
"Chances are not good as we cannot do blood transfusion in turtles."

The slider had lost a lot of weight and appeared puffed up. The snow-white gums and tongue
indicated a severe loss of blood inside the body. Probably a burst artery leaking blood for the past 3 days.

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