Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Jan 25, 2017

A case study of the usefulness of Rimadyl in helping the old dog to walk

TP 45772
Jane, Golden Retriever, FS, 16 years (born 2001).
Lives in North Singapore

First consultation  Jan 14, 2015   Dr Sing Kong Yuen
24kg  anorexia 6days  vomit once, PD/PU
Thick reddish brown vaginal discharge past 4 days
Uterine horn 4 cm across palpated.
Open pyometra at 13 years of age.

Jun 14, 2016
Jane.  14 years old
Hip pain but can walk to bathroom.
Blood in the urine. I advised giving me a urine sample as dog is large breed
and inconvenient to come

Jun 14, 2016   Rimadyl 75 mg x 15 tab/   1.25 tab per day for 4 days on, 4 days off. To effect.
Sep 19, 2016    Rimadyl 75 mg x 10 tab
Dec 6, 2016         x 20 tab..
Jan 23, 2016.  Complaint WhatsApp   A lot of difficulties walking. More painkillers, what can we do to help her? she still has a good appetite.

Jan 24, 2017. Came to buy Rimadyl and a medium bag of C/D in case the dog cannot survive.
My advice: need to increase dosage and decrease weight. What is Jane's weight?  28 kg.
Rimadyl 28 x 4.4 mg = 1.5 tab/day for 4 days to effect. To review effect of drug first. .

Urine test
slightly turbid, pH 9 (alkaline), SG 1.045
Protein 4+, Ketone +, Blood 4+, Triple phosphate crystals occasional, bacteria 3+

Baytril x 2.5 tab x 4 days.   Trimax x 1/2 bid x 10 days
I advised acidification of the urine using prescription diet Hills' C/D.
From Jun 22, 2016 to Jan 25, 2017 - strictly on this diet. No complaint of haematuria.

2 cases of lame senior big breed dogs over 16 years old much loved by the owners.
In this case and another case of a X-bred 17years old, the dog is still eating but has bad hips.
So the kind owner did not elect euthanasia and has a lot of care-giving of aged dogs to execute..

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