Tuesday, January 31, 2017

3014. A 13-year-old pekinese needs eyeball removal

Jan 31, 2017

Chinese New Year lst day is Jan 28, 2017. The young lady contacted me to get the enucleation done as she must have researched the internet for a vet to perform the surgery.

An old dog said to eat normally and booked for surgery on Jan 30, 2017. The first time I had seen this dog.  It would be risky as the eyeball had popped out for some weeks and could have been infected. Surgery should only be done on healthy dog. I suggested a blood test.

Blood test showed bacterial infection of the blood. So, I gave IV baytril and drip with amino acids and glucose and vitamins for 24 hours (2 bottles). Dr Daniel operated on Jan 31, 2017.
This is important as immediate surgery may lead to death on the operating table.

Gas anaesthesia only. The dog was alive at the end of operation and that was all the owner wanted even though she had been warned of anaethestic death. The dog had a small scar but lately, the eyeball had popped out and looked terrible.

Early vet treatment of corneal ulcers by tarshorraphy would have saved the eyeball and vision but it depends on the vet who may just advise eyedrops.  .

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