Friday, December 2, 2016

2980. Various terrapin x-rays




Dec 3, 2016
A strange behaviour case study

restless and digging behaviour   14 year old female RES

fed pellets mainly 3x/week, one hollow head amount of pellets.


Feb 9, 2017
RES, Female, 19 yrs
Prolapsed reddish lump from cloaca and lots of bleeding and blood clot yesterday.
Foul smelling loose stools - diarrhoea
Shell rot ventral and dorsal recovering since consult at TP Vets 1-2 months ago.
(see other case study of this RES)

Lays 8-10 eggs/year for around the last 10 years. lst egg this year was Jan 27, 2017 and 4 eggs total had passed.

Cloacasopy - no prolapse, no ulcers, growths in rectum
X-rays - 6 eggs - 4 well formed and big, 1 well formed and small, 1 uneven shelled egg

Diagnosis:  Prolapsed cloaca (yesterday). No prolapse today.
Fed milk bread last 3 days.
---- diarrhea  --- irritate rectum --- rectal tissues come out, traumatized by fiction - bleeding, blood clot

No milk bread
Antibiotics Trimeth for diarrhoea
Oxytocin IM, Baytril IM 

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