Saturday, November 26, 2016

2966. 3-legged dwarf hamster, F, 20 months has 3 areas of warts on left body

Nov 24, 2016

Missing left front leg since young. Yet this hamster survives with one right front leg and is now 20 months old. 3 areas of big warts appear on the left side of the body. The hamster is thin.

The owner's male friend brought the hamster to me as I had treated her other hamster that had a huge inoperable hip tumour some time ago. I warded her overnight for observation as she looked haggard. She ate some sunflower seeds as evident from the cracked shells.

Today, I put her under gas anaesthesia and excised her 3 areas of skin warts. No need electro-surgery.The 3 large areas of ulcerated skin can be seen.

After clipping the body, I discovered that the right elbow skin was swollen and doubled up. There were 3 small sores on the elbow area.

I extracted the swollen cheek pouch on the right. Smelly mashed seed parts were stuck inside the cheek pouch, rotting.

The front teeth were well worn and so the hamster had eaten. But had not thrived. Weight around 41 g.

General clean up of body after removal of skin warts. Ear cleaning. Scent gland cleaning. It looked as if this hamster had an engine overhaul. I hope she will thrive. Depressed immune system may encourage viral wart growths on the skin.

Yet with one left front leg, the hamster is able to eat and grow to present 20 months of age.
However, the warts' irritations and itchiness have affected the left elbow as you can see the double-folded swollen elbow joint skin and 3 small sores. The hamster had bitten or licked the elbows which might have warts earlier, traumatising the skin.   

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