Friday, November 25, 2016

2964. Perineal hernias in the older male dogs seen at Toa Payoh Vets - videos

Perineal hernia repair at Toa Payoh Vets - case studies - videos

1. Jan 29, 2014. Final Video: Perineal hernia in a male Jack Russell  - Surgery - simple herniorraphy, hernioplasty.

2. May 21, 2014. A male Maltese has bilateral perineal hernias.
3.  Dec 18, 2014. A male Shih Tzu has a large painful right perineal hernia - consultation -
4. Jan 19, 2015. Perineal hernia in a male Maltese -

5. Jan 23, 2015. Perineal hernia in 2 dogs - Jan 23, 2015.
Surgery - 3 methods - simple herniorraphy, hernioplasty, double muscle transposition.

6. Feb 8, 2015.  Final Video: A male Pomerian has a large left perineal hernia with enlarged prostate.

6.1. Nov 25, 2016.   Recurrence seen as the original hernia was extremely large.
7.  Sep 27, 2016. A male Silkie Terrier has perineal hernia.


1.  Early detection and repair when the hernia is small. Perineal hernias are present almost exclusively in the older male, not neutered dogs as shown in the case studies - videos here.

2. Neuter the dog early to prevent recurrence after repair. ..
3.  Neuter the dog at the same time or after 4 weeks post surgery,  if the dog is old and weak.
4.  Neuter the dog when he is young to prevent perineal hernias.
1. Rectal palpation
2. X-rays (with or without contrast media) to assess the involvement of abdominal and pelvic contents inside the hernia.

Surgery - hernia repair:
At least 3 methods depending on hernia size. simple herniorraphy, hernioplasty, double muscle transposition.

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