Monday, November 21, 2016

2961. 17-year-old eye extenteration follow up since May 2016 surgery

Nov 22, 2016

I got WhatsApp image of April from owner. Dog is fine and already 17 years old.

MAY 2016
This is a veterinary educational video for pet owners and vet students.  As the dog is very old at 16 years of age, no injectable anaesthetic sedation was was given. Just isoflurane gas. Dog has survived 30 minutes of surgery and anaesthesia and will go home today. No death on the op table. That is what the owner want and this is not possible in very old dogs in many cases.


For better survival rate, the vet stablised the dog using IV drip for the past 24 hours. This strengthen the dog for anaesthesia. Also, the IV drips given were to flush out the depressive effects of narcotics given by the first vet before surgery and anaesthesia.  Electro-surgery is faster than traditional cutting, reducing anaesthetic time and promoting survival rate. .

The dog survived the anaesthesia and is OK as at 14 days post-op. The owner is very happy. Some Singapore owners will put the dog to sleep rather than taking the risk of anaesthesia and paying for the surgery. This mother and adult daughter took turns nursing the dog to good health after removal of the eyeball and the dog thrives.  16 years is considered a very long life for any small breed of dog.


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