Wednesday, October 26, 2016

2952. A 3-month-old Syrian hamster has a large abdominal swelling for over 1 week

Oct 26, 2016

A large abdominal lump is the complaint. Anorexia and drinks little. Smelly urine obvious.
Palpation - a "fish-ball" lump inside abdomen. X-rays above.

Hamster is stressed when palpated. Overgrown lower incisors clipped 3 mm off.

Abdominal tumour esp. splenic tumour
Pregnancy (but other mate is female for past 3 months)
Cystitis with bladder obstruction -- smelly urine. Urine passed during consultation was clear. During anaesthesia, some yellow pus appeared.

After expression of bladder, the lump is noticed to be on the right hand side of the abdomen.
Splenic tumour or constipation of ascending colon?

Need another X-ray V/D view.


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