Tuesday, October 4, 2016

2934. A 5-month-old poodle vomits and has diarrhoea for 5 days

Oct 4, 2016

"Persistent vomiting and diarrhoea for 5 days," the lyoung ady owner was perplexed. "The stools are now becoming smaller and loose."

I palpated gas inside the anterior abdomen but there was no pain.
"Did the poodle swallow bones, toys, socks or other things," I asked as young dogs do put things into their mouth.

"No bones," the lady said. "But she did chew sponges from the sofa set."

She did not want blood test which would have indicated infection and state of the liver and lungs.
X-rays were approved and showed some impaction of the stomach and small intestines, with lots of gas bubbles. Pieces of sponges are possibly inside.

An IV drip with vitamins, antibiotics and pain-killers were given. The dog would be given a laxative to pass out the sponges.

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