Sunday, September 11, 2016

2923. Myanmar Travel Images - Sep 2016

Busy village. Pony carts seen. Too many bikes and scooters heading here and there.
Toilet break at roadside food stalls difficult to find. A thin sunburnt woman in her late 60s took Thin Thin and I past an alley between huts to her family's toilet sheds. Looks like a typical spritely lady farmer in her younger days. Saw her family's attap house, baby cot, wooden bed, family pics which I videoed.  Much love in this family.

Road filled with scooters and bikes. Shot 3 pic in succession. The 3rd one (this one) shows her smiling as she spotted me. Eye contact makes a great street photograph but it is hard to shoot one with a smile. Generally, the locals smile when I greet them.  

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