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2 VIDEOS FOR RI INTERNS - Cat tibial fractures and how to create BKTP Videos for future interns

Sep 8, 2016
From: Myitkyina, Myanmar
Hotel Madira, Room 303

Email instructions as below:

Pl review my 2 case reports in my blog 2010 and website and youtube. You may need to search "cat tibial fractures".

Use timelines of 2 cases.

1. CASE 1. A stray cat jumped down from sofa? X rays confirm fracture.
2. CASE 2. A cat fell from apartment. X-rays.

TREATMENT. Same. Use of intramedullary pin. Do more research on various types of fractures (google tibia fractures) e.g comminuted fractures etc. So, what type of fracture these 2 cats have?

Is it possible to use plates and screws? Why not?

6 weeks post op.

CASE 1 did not go to the referral vet for pin removal 8 weeks after surgery. She phone me some 3 months later. I asked her to send video clip  (check my you tube). Cat is OK. No pin removal

CASE 2. Vet sent a reminder card to come 6 weeks post op for check. X-rays done. (see blog and download and comment with Dr Daniel). What decision did Dr Daniel make?

Do show more images of pin etc (in my websites).
USE BKTP images from my website
ALWAYS GIVE "Credits" and "FOR MORE INFORMATION....". See my other video done by RI intern recently.



HOW TO CREATE A BKTP Veterinary Education Video.

Create a video for me to present to all interns so that I have consisten format, structure and no more worries about copyright infrigement of music and images. I will get this video posted by your RI teacher for future interns as I spend so much time correcting mistakes.

See some videos done by other interns as regards this subject matter.

1. Your Chow Chow video as A REAL  example of WHAT NOT TO DO and what to do.

Basically, the video should be:
1. An exciting hook. For example, the Chow Chow banging into doors as he can't see clearly and that is what the owner said. Do drawing and  illustrations with coloured pencils etc. Your hook is not so good and is too brief.

3. Title of the video and what is its objective.
5. MIDDLE     3-6 POINTS  e.g. what happens if you don't do surgery, why must you do surgery. The 5Ws and 1 H. What evidence to support vet diagnosis
6. CONCLUSION     Outcome. Other similar cases
    Advices to vet students
8. CREDITS preferably with a Singapoean  video scene


1. No copyright infringement and images and video
2. Subtitles  not to be all capitals
3. Subtitles to have black text on white background strip
4. Narration NOT to be monotonous
5. Narration to be loud if a point is to be heeded
6. Use of copy-right audio (from you tube) to make video more interesting
7. Around 10 minutes of content
8. Use hand drawn illustrations with colour to illustrate surgery  or procedures
9. Do more veterinary  research  on title of video and discuss with vet
10. Use mind maps, not just scribble notes on papers. It seems 99% of the interns in the past years  do not use mind maps and so waste a lot of time writing and re-writing.
11. Write script before producing video. Script in 2 columns. Left column is text. Right column is where you want to insert video, images etc in the relevant text

Use this image:

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