Friday, August 12, 2016

2911. INTERN VIDEO. A cat has the biggest sausage intestine and a shih tzu has haematuria


A Shih Tzu has blood in the urine. What's the problem?

X-ray evidences help to aid diagnosis of the medical condition in the cat and dog. Many owners may not want X-rays to reduce medical costs and some vets in a very busy practice may not practice evidence-based medicine.

The above X-rays, esp. for the constipated cat, convince the owner that his cat has a serious constipation problem, leading to anaemia and dehydration. Without this evidence, the owner considered the cat to have diarrhea. Black smelly watery stools indicated bleeding inside the intestines and this caused anaemia (low RBC and Hb). A bacterial infection of the blood is evident from the increase in total white cell count and neutrophils.

The parents decided to send the cat to another surgery.


Cat, M, 2 years
August 12, 2016  9am
Unable to stand up. Dehydrated. Anaemic. 
Foul smelling blackish diarrhoea

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