Thursday, August 11, 2016

2908. A1-year-old Roborovski hamster is very itchy

Aug 12  2016

I got an emailed image of a Roborovski with spiky hairs and advices on skin disease. it was much difficult to diagnose. The young lady brought him to toa payoh vets.

A big 1 cm wound behind left ear. Earlier a pet shop recommended coconut oil application, the lady accounted for the spiky hairs.

Best to clip bald and remove all contaminated hair and shampoo away the oil, I said. As there will be anaesthetic risk, the owner declined my advice. This species is the speediest of all.  Hence anaesthesia is required to prevent clipper cuts.

Medication given abd if no recovery, will need to do clipping. the hamster is aggressive and had been aeparated from his sibling some weeks sgo as there was fierce fighting. So this wound could not be bite wounds but due to scratching.

The good boyfriend had googled youtube and found toa payoh vets ans sent an email to me. so that is how the nilleniak generation works

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