Sunday, August 7, 2016

2905. Functional ileus in a rabbit that stopped eating suddenly

Sunday. August 7, 2016

Yesterday, a rabbit stopped eating suddenly at 9am. A few soft stools were passed. The young couple rushed to Toa Payoh Vets before 12 noon.  Abdominal distension.

X-rays taken. The X-rays show a "halo" effect which is gas inside the stomach filled with ingesta.

Ultrasound done today Aug 8, 2016 at 9.30 am. The rabbit was eating and pooping already. Ultrasound showed gas in the stomach and intestines. Lots of solid faecal lumps seen.  No neoplasia, stones seen in abdomen. Liver and kidneys appeared OK but blood test will be needed to check their health. 

Possible functional ileus.

There are many causes of ileus in rabbits. The main cause is low fibre diet. Other causes are fur balls and fibres from carpets, rugs and other objects causing obstruction.  Pain e.g. molar spurs, diseases e.g. kidney and liver infections, stress or obesity leading to inactivity.

Pain killer, antibiotic, SC fluids *(Hartmann's at 50ml/kg/day), oral fluids, syringe feeding high-fibre formulas and critical care. Gastrotomy to remove the dehydrated ingesta in severe cases.

High fibre diet. Exercise. Grooming the rabbit daily.

*Daily fluid for rabbits is 120 ml/kg/day

Video of ultrasound - Done 24 hours after treatment
Rabbit was eating and poopping normally
Gas in stomach and intestines
Faecal pellets seen

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