Tuesday, July 19, 2016

2978. A 10-year-old Jack Russell has large breast tumours

July 19, 2016

Jack Russell, F, 10 years
I had seen this dog as a puppy and was surprised to see her after so many years.
"Her breast tumours grow very fast in the last 2 months," the owner said.
The largest tumour was the size of an orange, measuring 13 cm x 13cm x 10 cm. on the right MG 4 & 5 glands. The left MG1 and 2  and the left MG4 and 5 had large hard tumours too..

X-rays and blood test taken. 
There appeared to be lung nodules.
"The breast tumours are likely cancerous," I said. "They will recur after surgery, sometimes as early as within 3 months."

Removal of the large right breast tumour and spaying the dog would be the first step, if possible. 3 weeks later, removal of the left MG1 and 2 and MG 4 and 5 tumours.. There will be insufficient skin to stitch up.

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