Thursday, June 9, 2016

2954. A 62nd pregnant Corgi had an elective Caesarean section

Jun 6, 2016  10 pm. Arrived from Yangon by Silk Air. Informed the breeder of Corgis I was back in Singapore. He had asked me to stand by for his Corgi dam, 62nd day pregnant on Jun 7, 2016 and he might want a C-section. 

Jun 7, 2016  9am
I operated on this 62nd-day Corgi as she had no labour contractions. She had 8 live pups 8 months ago, C-section by Dr Daniel. The pups were farmed out as she had no milk. All 8 pups passed away, according to the breeder.

In this C-section, I excised 1 cm away from the previous scar of the first C-section at the uterine body, I got 4 live pups out. The 3rd pup had a placenta wrapped around it and took some time to be taken out. The left uterine horn had 2 pups and appeared to have twisted as I had great difficulty milking out this 3rd pup (black and white).

Follow up: Jun 10, 2016 9 am
The 3rd and 4th pup had passed away. According to the breeder, the dam produced "toxic milk". He noticed too late the next day and farmed out the other 2 pups. They are still alive. "Even with my years of experience," the 80-year-old breeder lamented. "My judgment still cannot be perfect. When the dam has thick yellow milk, I should not let the newborn suckle. But it is difficult to know when to do it."

I introduced to him one lady who wanted to buy a Yorkshire with a full coat.

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