Monday, March 14, 2016

2945. An 11-month-old poodle has hind limbs rotated outwards - medial patellar luxation

Mar 14, 2016

While jumping up the playpen 2 months ago, this poodle's right back leg was caught inside the fencing. Now the poodle is unable to walk upright, with both lower legs pointed at right angles to his body. He would paddle on his hind legs.

I flex and extend the knees. The gentle poodle wanted to bite me when I extended his right knee. He also reacted in pain to extension of his left knee. Could there be fracture of the tibial growth plate leading to patellar luxation (bilateral) or just lateral patellar luxation and what to do to cure this dog?

X rays Mar 14, 2016

                                          BILATERAL MEDIAL PATELLAR LUXATION

X-rays on Mar 24, 2016

The above X-rays shows the patellas in the groove as the vet had manipulated them. Hence there is no patellar luxation.

                                          BILATERAL LATERAL PATELLAR LUXATION                                        

 The above mentioned x ray showed clearly that the patellas have had luxated laterally
and there appear to be no tibial growth plate fracture from this general view. On close up, there appears to be growth plate fracture

April 15, 2016
The owner brought in the dog for surgery. Need to check for cruciate ligament rupture.

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