Wednesday, January 13, 2016

2915. INTERN Rectal Prolapse in Turtles: 2 Cases - a Chinese Soft-Shelled Turtle and Terrapin

Case 1.  Jan 12, 2016

"I surfed the internet. My Chinese soft-shelled turtle has rectal prolapse," the young man's turtle had bloody tissues present in the tank and an "arrow-head" appendage hanging out from the backside of the turtle.  From afar, it looks like rectal prolapse with injury. Yet it is not the typical rectal prolapse as in the second case.

Consultation Video part as hook.
Anaesthesia and slides first to explain.
Then go to video (merge all videos).

Chinese soft-shelled turtles are rarely kept as pets in Singapore. This is a case of penile traumatic injury and not rectal prolapse. As this turtle is not used to handling, the vet has to be careful not to stress it and cause it to die of stress.

Terrapins or red-eared sliders are most popoular and the second case is a true case of rectal prolapse.

Case 2. Mar 14, 2013

Narrate from slides and make a video out of the slides. No actual video footage in 2013.


Early treatment using purse-string sutures in cases of prolapsed rectum and penile injuries within 24 hours result in excellent outcomes for the turtle and terrapin.

In one case of a terrapin with delayed treatment of rectal prolapse, the tissues were gangrenous. There was no surgical treatment leading to good outcome. The terrapin was euthansed.


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