Saturday, January 9, 2016

2911. Strangulated uterine horns inside an inguinal hernia of 4 years in a MIniature Schnauzer

Jan 10, 2016

Miniature Schnauzer, Female, 7 years, not spayed

The owner had shifted to North East Singapore where there are many veterinary clinics. So I was surprised to see the dog with this gigantic mango-sized swelling.

"Around 4 years ago, the swelling was soft, but in the last 14 days, it became hard. There is a wound on it as my dog licked it," the mother said.

"Did the swelling go inside the body or become smaller?" I asked.
"We never observe it and so do not know," the mother and young adult daughter with the tattooed hands said.

Based on the medical history and location, I diagnosed an inguinal hernia. I prescribed antibiotics for 10 days before operation as the dog was still active and eating.

The owners took to another vet for a second opinion on Jan 4, 2016. The vet confirmed inguinal hernia with pyometra and bladder stone from the X-rays and ultrasound scan.   

So, today, Sunday, Jan 10, 2016, the owners were free to get the operation done. The dog was still standing.
"She was eating after the course of antibiotics," the mother reported happily.

Strangulated 90% of the swollen, reddish-brown uterine horns surprised me. The dog was still alive. The strangulation had occurred less than 4 days ago and the good antibiotics had eliminated the bacteria inside the uterus. A strong smell of rotting flesh pervaded the op room on opening up the herniated sac.

I have not seen strangulated swollen uterine horns in a dog that is still alive and standing. The other vet told the owner that the Miniature Schnauzer was one hardy dog. And he is. 

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