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Around 80% of Singaporeans live in high rise buildings (goto youtube, search apartments + toa payoh vets etc ) of  HDB or condos

Their pets are mainly dogs and cats. Very few Singaporeans keep guinea pigs as pets and have little experience of how to care for them. There are very few groomers of guinea pigs unlike those specialising in dog and cats and many times, guinea pigs fall ill, owing to lack of grooming, poor diet quality and unhygienic conditions in housing.  

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Case 1.  Video 1180.
Jan 1, 2016

G.P. F. 1 yr 3 months. No fever. Head tilted stiffly to the left of the neck this morning. She could not turn her head to the right. In Aug 15, 2015, she had a left head tilt but recovered after my treatment. The owner had not cleaned the ears thoroughly and regularly as the guinea pig dislikes ear cleaning.

Put the guinea pig on the table. An assistant restrains the guinea pig. The owner puts in the veterinary ear drops and massage the vertical canals.

Case 2.  Video 1203.
Jan 1, 2016
G.P. M. 5 yrs.  Lethargic and fever. Very thin. "Chipping sounds" heard by the owner.
Overgrown lower front teeth. Black scales and hair loss. Dirty ears and body. Pus in the right nostril. Upper respiratory tract infection. Clipping bald and bathing. Ear cleaning.

Video: 1203
After clipping, the guinea pig will go home on Jan 4, 2016. His owner needs to groom him and feed him medication.

ADVICES: Regular grooming, medication, good food and Vitamin C. Review in 2 weeks' time.

Case 3. Video 1181.
Jan 2, 2016
G.P. F. 5 yrs.  No fever.  Anorexia 2 days. Had green watery diarrhea 4 days ago.  Palpation. Abdominal pain. Gastroenteritis due to a change of pellet brand around 4 days ago. A new diet upsets the gastrointestinal bacterial population.

ADVICES: No sudden change of diet. Revert to the old brand. Medication.

Case 4. Video 1182.

Jan 2, 2016
G.P. F. 1 yr.  No fever.  Anorexia 1 day. Cough, eye discharge. Harsh lung sounds.                      Bronchitis and gastroenteritis.

ADVICES: Medication and regular grooming. Review in 2 weeks.

Daily inspection and grooming of the guinea pig prevents diseases

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