Friday, December 11, 2015

Visit to a Karen farmland, Hinthada

Dec 11, 2015

After lunch a 30-minute drive to a Karen farmland. Deep inside. The car could not move further at a bridge and so we had to take motor-bikes.
1. Toll, 1000 kyats. Silver collection bowl. Receipt given. Saw a big fat black sow tethered.
2. Motorbike escorts.
3. 3 road blocks. Lifted them up and proceeded.
4. Suddenly a pretty church building appeared.  I could not see any pagodas in the farmland track.
5. Motorbike used as 3rd road block ended at a very narrow bridge.
6. Red farm house on stilts.
7. Nervous 2-year-old bullock on seeing me. A pet. Bullock cart under the red house.
8. Few geese, hens and chicks, ducks, hay and rice grains being dried. No black pig. Banana trees, melon fruits and betel leaf type plant on sticks grown separately.
9.Stray dogs. 
10. Visited new govt school. Took some pics of group

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