Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Visit to breeder's farm - follow up on 2 Caesarean section cases

Breeder can't decide but want me to stand-by.
All 7 pups delivered with no cries. As if they were dead.
First cry around 30 minutes later while I was still stitching up the dam. 
First C-section by another vet - skin incision 10 cm from the umbilical scar to pubis and took out the whole uterus.

I incised 1/4 of his length.  Sufficient to take out the uterine body with pup inside. It was not possible to locate the bifurcation of the uterus as there were 7 pups all squeezed tightly inside the abdomen. I incised the non-bleeding length of the uterine horn nearest to the bifurcation and milk out the 7 pups. 

Skin incised to skin sutured took around 1 hour! The breeder and 2 assistants just took over the 7 pups while I focused on the dam. I had performed over 100 C-sections in dogs and so this one-hour duration will be meant for experienced surgeons.  

Caesarean by me 7 days ago. No complaints by breeder. 

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