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2890. How long does it take to do a Dachshund 3-puppy Caesarean section? 32 minutes

Dec 22, 2015

Experienced professional dog breeder
Dachshund, 3 years, 6.1 kg, 39C, 62nd day pregnant. Pup born natually at 6.30 am. Dead.
Phoned me for C-section at around 9 am. Had given oxytocin 0.5 ml without success.

"How long does it take to do a Caesarean section in a dog?" one lady who came in to buy painkiller for her old X-bred having difficulty standing up, asked me.

"It depends on the number of puppies and experience of the vet."
For me, I had done over a hundred C-sections around 2005-2006 when most dog breeders used my services. The following is my timing for C-section of the above-mentioned Dachshund.

TP 42637
Dr Daniel on leave today Tuesday Dec 22, 2015.

Breeder phoned at 8.45 am and came at 9.15 am. Pup 1 was born naturally and discovered dead at 6.30 am today.

Isoflurane gas mask at 5%.  Intubate 7.0 tube.
Incise skin around 6 cm from umbilicus and incise 6 cm long.
Finger locate bifurcation of the uterus
Incise 1 cm from bifurcation for around 6 cm (width of head of Dachshund pup)
Took out 3 pups. Break water bag. 2 clamps on umbilicus. Incise in between clamps. Give pup to breeder to clean up. 3/0 absorbable stitch up uterus in 2 layers, parallel and across incision. Linea alba closed with interrupted and cross stitches 2/0 absorbable. Skin closed with 3 horizontal mattress 2/0. 

Pup 2 - placenta detached. Did not move. Drowned in amniotic fluid. Lungs filled with mucus. Did not cry.
Pup 3 and Pup 4 vigorous. Breeder said he saw the Pup 2 coming in and disappearing inside the vagina at after 7 am and said that the dam had no strength to push. He gave 0.5 ml oxytocin but the dam could not contract. So, he decided on C-section. 

At 6.55 pm, he visited me to settle the bill. He said that the dam ate and that was a good sign. Milk flowed to the 2 puppies who suckled vigorously. This was her first litter.

I kept a written record to research  how long I took to do this C-section.

A: Injection of Induction Drugs.  NO.
B: Isoflurane gas first given:  9.32 am
C: Isoflurane gas stopped: 10.17 am
D: First skin incision:  9.46 am
E:  Skin stitching completed: 10.18 am

E-D = 32 minutes
C-B =  45 minutes 

Isoflurane gas started: 9.32 am

Incise bifurcation of uterus:  9.47 am

Started stitching uterus: 9.53 am 

Uterus stitched and pushed back into abdomen after pulling out to examine for any pups:  10.07 am
(all 3 pups taken out and given to the breeder)

Speed, Accuracy and Completeness are important factors in surgery.
A c-section taking too long may lead to death of the dam so speed is most important as the anaesthetic risks are hovering around. The shorter the anaesthesia, the safer it is for the patient, as in this case. I think 32 minutes will be the shortest time possible for a vet with experiences in C-section. I had done over 100 c-sections in the years when most Pasir Ris breeders used my $300 c-section services almost exclusively. Now, younger vets who charge cheaper or give value have taken over.  


 Breeder said that this Dachshund has a small vaginal opening and therefore will be unable to give birth naturally. She had given birth to a dead pup seen at 6.30 am as the breeder had over-slept.

Breeder has experience with many vets
1. No-gloved vets - no infection.  So he said, it depends on the vet's body aura.
2. Vet who put Bactrim tablet inside uterus after C-section.  Dam became sterile.
3. Vet who always cause post-op infection attributed to his body aura.
4.  Foreign vet who was employed by a practice took out the ovaries of the dam, saying that the dam had uterine tumour. He found that his dams later did not come on heat. Complained to the owner of the practice that employed him. Vet was sacked.
5.  A vet who operated so fast that he had little time to revive the pups. His favourite vet.   

See caesarean section of 61 minutes to take out 7 Corgi pups at:

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