Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2899. A 7-year-old Maltipoo passes blood in the urine again

Dec 31, 2015

Maltipoo, female, not spayed, 7 years

"She passes blood in the urine again," the lady owner brought a sample of urine collected when the dog peed this morning. She had wondered how to collect urine as the female dog does not pee in her presence. The urine sample contained some bloody tissue fragments.

The dog had blood in the urine some 4 months ago and recovered with antibiotics.

I palpated the abdomen (video). The dog screamed as I palpated the cranial and then the caudal part. The owner witnessed this shrill voice and I stopped further palpation.

X ray showed a small radio-opaque stone, most likely in her ureter. She was screaming when I palpated her abdomen twice and so I did not continue.

Urine test by diptstick - Dec 22, 2015
pH 8
SG 1.0
Leucocyte Nil
Protein +
Urobilinogen +
Bilrubin 3+
Blood 4+

A crystal check is in progress.  An alkaline pH in the urine favours bacterial infection in some dogs. Acidifying the urine via diet may resolve this problem. The dog had been on heat 2 months ago and could have open pyometra as evident by the vulval swelling (video).

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