Tuesday, December 1, 2015

2376. EMAIL ADVICE. A hamster in England has cheek pouch eversion

Email from sender in England dated Nov 23, 2015.

Hi, I am in England, our dwarf hamster's cheek pouch has come out, I took him to my local vets who had never seen or heard of this before, they anesthetised him and put it back in (cost £60) on the way home it came out again so straight back to the vets and told them a google search revealed he needs a stitch in it, so they anesthetised him again and put a single stitch in to hold it in place(cost £7) and told me it was a desolving stitch usually user for cats & dogs and it would take 10 weeks to desolve so I need to go back in 10 days to have it removed ( cost£60) but in your opinion do you think it needs removing or could it stay in until it desolves
Because I am afraid it may become detached again if the stitch is removed so soon ? Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated, please could you reply ASAP, if possible, Regards Alan
REPLY BY DR SING K Y  dated Dec 2, 2015
Just got your email. If it is stitched back, then leave it alone as the stitch will dissolve by itself as the vet has used absorbable stitches. If it comes out, get the vet, preferably a hamster-experienced vet,  to remove it surgically.

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