Monday, November 23, 2015

2365. A funny management story

Friday Nov 20, 2015

A lunch at Paragon at 2 pm to catch up with an old friend who is a very busy business woman. She had invited her business adviser.

She related this story of her ex-general manager whom I had met some years ago. 

During a sea trip, he was sitting across her. She sat next to Mac, her administrative manager. This GM was in his 40s and had been selected.

"He stretched his foot across the table needling my foot and up to the trouser," she said that this man had presented his wife at the office after being appointed.

"This is unbelievable behaviour," I said. "He really did that?"
"Yes, yes,"
"Did he then put his hand under the table and touch your knees?" I asked in a serious tone. "Just as in the movies!"
"No, no, the table was quite wide."  My friend was laughing so loudy as she bent double inside the restaurant. I was glad that she was no longer stressed out by such situations. 

"This looked like office harrassment," I was surprised that a married man could misbehave and risk losing his job ."Did he think he was Valentino? Irresistible to all ladies. A god's gift to woman? What happened next?"

"Well, I moved my leg sideways," she said. "He continued with his action and put his leg up the trousers of Mac!"
"Didn't he know that he had inched onto hairy legs?" I asked.
She laughed again. A very unusual story.  This man had quarrelled with the others in the office too.  I can't believe this story was true but then it was.


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