Sunday, November 22, 2015

2362. Follow up: A 4-month-old pug has a screw in the stomach

Nov 22, 2015

Before I left for the Balkans Adventure Tour on Nov 5, 2015, the owner had agreed to wait for his 4-month-old female pug to pass out the screw and a large piece seen in the X-rays done on Nov 5.  Dr Daniel had offered him an option to wait for the pug to pass out the 2 radio-dense foreign bodies and had prescribed Science Diet W/D.

"Did your pug pass out the screw?" I asked today.
"She passed out the squarish piece of glass which was about the size seen, cloth pieces, stones and large seeds. But I did not see the screw in her stools."

"Is she still active and has she diarrhoea?"

"She is active and has been passing good solid stools since I feed her on W/D," he said. "But yesterday, she passed loose stools in 7 places. I had fed her cooked pork liver.  So I will switch back to the W/D!" 

Oct 10 2015. Dr daniel
Diarrhoea. No vomiting. Dr daniel
Foreidn bodies, poisoning. Adverse food reaction. Stoamach flu owing t boarding
Advised x rays. Declined

Oct 19 2015. Dr Sing
Mucus in stools passed 5x
Gas in intestines
No abd pain
Had diarrhoea on Oct 9. Medication Oct 12 to 16.

Nov 5 2015. Dr Daniel
Recurrent diarrhoea
Voniting. 3rd time
 -XRay.  1 screw. 1 seed-like object
Canine WD.

Nov 22 2015
Follow up. Not sure whether screw passed as dog had been boarded. Stools are large when fed WD. Screw might have been embedded, the owner said. Also worry about screw rusty
W board again and return next wk t x ray again

Nov 30, 2015
Owner had to travel overseas again 4 days later. Will board the dog. Came for X-rays. If the rusty screw is still in the gut, will operate today.
X-rays. No screw.  He was happy but said that he had to spend so much money.

He had not wanted X-ray in the first instance and only did so on the 3rd episode when I insisted.
Dr Daniel had advised wait and see. A few days later, the pug did pass out a piece of glass and a large seed and other pieces of clothing but he had not seen any screw.

He boarded the pug in a place where she has fun playing with other dogs and has a daily outing. The boarding kennel WhatsApp a video daily of the fun the pug had going out and so retained his loyalty. He felt that the kennel would not separate the stools in which the screw might be embedded and so did not ask the operator.

"So how do you prevent your pug from swallowing everything?" I asked.
"I put her on a leash and pull her away when she wanted to eat anything inside the grass during exercise outdoors!"

The pug had a great appetite as you can see from the fully distended stomach in the X-rays on the 25th day after discovery of the screw.

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